About us:

Located in "Alicante - Comunidad Valenciana", near to the "Andalucia" the central Hub of Nuts production, processing and trading in Spain extended to Europe, our new Alicante - Head Quarter is specialized in both Spanish and American (USA) nuts business.

Our company was recently established, however the founders cumulate more than 20 years’ experience and expertise in the Trading and Brokerage of Nuts, Dried Fruits and major food commodities.

Our extended experience and expertise in the Middle East & North Africa Region enabled us to build strong and sustainable business relation with our partners with an overall optimal satisfaction.

Furthermore, our large reliable supplier’s portfolio from around the world, could lead us to answer and meet promptly our partner’s needs and demands in terms of quality, quantity, shipping & transit time, of course in consideration with current worldwide challenges.

In addition to the nuts and dried fruits, we are growing our expertise in pulses, oil seeds, spices, and more, that are mainly procured from leading producers and exporters.

Whatever your role in the business chain, supplier, packer, forwarder or importer, Our vision and our goal are always to secure business between reliable buyers and trustable suppliers.